Project management

The project management was responsible for directing the project. Project management was formed from one project coordinator and two project managers (one on both side of the border. Within the directing structure, the main project coordinator represented by statutory representative of the Lead Beneficiary (Municipality of Veľké Úľany) led the project team. It was Ing. František Gőgh, DBA. The coordinator managed both of the partners and realization of the activities. Mutual personnel stand under his authority – that means project management. For Lead Beneficiary and also for Beneficiary project management was made as an external service. For Lead Beneficiary Veľké Úľany the external project manager was company VF Project & Marketing s.r.o. and for Beneficiary Jánossomorja was the external project manager company MBM Project s.r.o. Both project managers were responsible for submitting f Beneficiary reports, Project reports and for directing the project activities.