Revitalization of St. Stephen park in the town of Jánossomorja

The existing park in the town of Jánossomorja was revitalized during this activity. The park is located in the city center on the site of a former pit, where clay was mined to produce bricks. This pit has been scattered from the 50's of the 20th century and the trees were planted there, creating a city park. The park has been slightly used in the past due to the lack of additional functions and the bad condition of trees. During the revitalization the area of the park was divided into three parts, which created 3 separate stages of the park renewal. The stages are as following:

  1. Stage 1 – sports part – building a sports track in the park
  2. Stage 2 – playground – restoration and completion of elements of the existing children's playground
  3. Stage 3 – memorial area - revitalization of green areas next to the existing memorial with the fire truck.