Revitalization of the forest park and equestrian facility in the municipality of Veľké Úľany

The natural-sporting area lying on the outskirts of the village was revitalized in this activity. It is a territory where the old riding complex is located and gravel production is in its vicinity. As part of the revitalization of the territory, the following activities were carried out:

  • reconstruction of the service facility – the office for the administrator was established and the premises for the arbitrators were restored
  • construction of the WC object – a building with a toilet for visitors of the area was built next to the service object
  • procurement of dismountable tribune (grandstands) – new grandstands for spectators were purchased and built 
  • building of a new playground – certified playground for children was build in the area

Thanks to these activities, the area will acquire a new social function that complements its natural and sporting character. This created the new attraction of the village.