Partners of the project

Municipality of Veľké Úľany

The municipality of Veľké Úľany is a larger rural village with a location in the district of Galanta. In terms of competencies, it is a local authority, it manages its territory and provides its citizens with public services. The municipality is a nationally mixed village with a large Hungarian community. Veľké Úľany has a long-established partnership with the Hungarian city of Jánossomorja. Local governments meet regularly and have a common project background. From the geographic point of view the village is located near the Black Water and the Little Danube rivers. These two rivers have determined the area of the village from the past. In the floodplain of both rivers remained remains of gravel pit, which are the subject of mining at the village. At the same time, there are remains of deciduous floodplain forests forming a forest park near the village. The village takes care of this park and uses it fully.



Municipality of Jánossomorja

The municipality of Jánossomorja lies on the borders of Hungary and Austria. Its location is key to its characteristics as an international town. The city has more than 6000 inhabitants and is largely nationally mixed. It is a local authority with self-governing functions. City manages its territory and provides public services to the public. The city has a wealth of experience with transnational, cross-border and national projects that are implemented each year. Direct link to the municipality of Veľké Úľany is the joint realization of the project HUSK CBC 2007-2013 Discover Nature and several Town Twinning projects.