Use of the fragments of nature in the former industrial-used areas and in the rural areas

The project aimed at highlighting the natural heritage that is an organic part of the lives of the inhabitants of two municipalities - Municipality of Velké Úľany and Municipaltity of Jánossomorja...

Aims of the project

The change of position and function of natural heritage within the areas of the municipalities of Veľké Úľany and Jánossomorja will be achieved by giving fragments of nature in the urban areas sport-social function.

Main aim of the project: 
Strengthening the function of natural areas in the municipality in Veľké Úľany and Jánossomorja that have been created directly in the places of the former industrial production in the aspect of preserving nature in the urban areas.
Giving natural areas new sport and social function that will contribute to the bigger and better utilization of the environment.
Protection of natural heritage by participation of children in raising the awareness of nature around us and the need for its protection.
Social activities in new natural areas focusing on connecting nature with sport.
Creation of new offer of leisure activities for home and foreign visitors of both of the municipalities.
Mutual promotion of nature situated in the centre of country settlements.

Activities of the project

Competition in horse riding

This activity concerned horse organization of riding competition in renewed forest park in the municipality of Veľké Úľany. Opening ceremony of the revitalized forest park was a part of this event, that means built objects. Riders from regions of Matúšová zem (where the municipality of Veľké...Tovább...

Manual how to behave in nature

The activity was focused on publishing an exercise book for students of the elementary schools. Exercise book has the name “Manual on how to behave in the nature”. It is dedicated to the issues of nature protection and behaviour in nature. It serves as an educational material with pictures,...Tovább...

Mapping and marking trees

The activity focused on mapping the existing trees that are situated primarily on both natural sites. On Slovak side in the village of Veľké Úľany trees were mapped that are located in the forest park and also other areas as well. In the town of Jánossomorja trees were mapped that are located in...Tovább...


Children on both Slovak and Hungarian side mutually created a herbarium form the leaves and plants that they will find in the municipalities of Veľké Úľany and Jánossmorja and its surroundings. Elementary school teachers helped with the selection of leaves and their identification. The leaves...Tovább...

Competition 'Tree of our life'

This activity was realized simultaneously in both of the municipalities. Its aim was to find a tree with the best life story. This will concern story of a tree or of a person connected with the particular tree. Stories were written by children - pupils of elementary schools about trees with...Tovább...

Nature-sport Olympics

1 day long mutual activity realized in the town of Jánossomorja. The activity was determined for children from elementary schools from both of the municipalities. Children practiced various sports activities in the local PS and also visited the revitalized park. They went to a trip to on eye-...Tovább...

School in nature – Camp of limbs

Children's camp realized in Veľké Úľany from 16-20. July 2018. It was a five day exchange activity for primary school pupils from Veľké Úľany and Jánossomorja. Camp was attended by a total of 80 children - 60 domestic and 20 from Jánossomorja. The name of the camp was: Camp of limbs. For five...Tovább...

Revitalization of St. Stephen park in the town of Jánossomorja

The existing park in the town of Jánossomorja was revitalized during this activity. The park is located in the city center on the site of a former pit, where clay was mined to produce bricks. This pit has been scattered from the 50's of the 20th century and the trees were planted there, creating...Tovább...

Revitalization of the forest park and equestrian facility in the municipality of Veľké Úľany

The natural-sporting area lying on the outskirts of the village was revitalized in this activity. It is a territory where the old riding complex is located and gravel production is in its vicinity. As part of the revitalization of the territory, the following activities were carried out:...Tovább...


Communication is an important part of the project. It provides information to the public about the project realization and support from the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Programme. Within the communication, various means have been chosen for spreading information about project, its results, aims...Tovább...

Project management

The project management was responsible for directing the project. Project management was formed from one project coordinator and two project managers (one on both side of the border. Within the directing structure, the main project coordinator represented by statutory representative of the Lead...Tovább...

Partners of the project

Municipality of Veľké Úľany

The municipality of Veľké Úľany is a larger rural village with a location in the district of Galanta. In terms of competencies, it is a local authority, it manages its territory and provides its citizens with public services. The municipality is a nationally mixed village with a large Hungarian community. Veľké Úľany has a long-established partnership with the Hungarian city of Jánossomorja. Local governments meet regularly and have a common project background. From the geographic point of view the village is located near the Black Water and the Little Danube rivers. These two rivers have determined the area of the village from the past. In the floodplain of both rivers remained remains of gravel pit, which are the subject of mining at the village. At the same time, there are remains of deciduous floodplain forests forming a forest park near the village. The village takes care of this park and uses it fully.



Municipality of Jánossomorja

The municipality of Jánossomorja lies on the borders of Hungary and Austria. Its location is key to its characteristics as an international town. The city has more than 6000 inhabitants and is largely nationally mixed. It is a local authority with self-governing functions. City manages its territory and provides public services to the public. The city has a wealth of experience with transnational, cross-border and national projects that are implemented each year. Direct link to the municipality of Veľké Úľany is the joint realization of the project HUSK CBC 2007-2013 Discover Nature and several Town Twinning projects.